The jobs in demand nationwide

tradeTRADESPEOPLE and labourers willing to go where the work is and take on temporary assignments can use their careers to see the country.

Tradies hoping to explore the Northern Territory on a working holiday are best placed as refrigeration technicians, plumbers or labourers.

If Queensland is more their style, bricklayers, labourers and shopfitters are in luck.

South Australia is looking for pipe layers, excavator operators and grader operators;

NSW is the destination for roofers, carpenters and excavators;

ACT needs carpenters and labourers; and Western Australian is a top choice for duct installers, plumbers (commercial, supervisors, project managers), post tension technicians and electrical project managers.

Hays Construction senior regional director Simon Bristow says the recruitment firm regularly sees temps who have worked in different states.

“It’s common for us to receive applications from tradespeople who are travelling and it’s a great way to see Australia while getting paid,” he says.

“Candidates who can demonstrate relevant industry experience are in demand across Australia.”

“As long as you’re a great worker, there is always work for you,” he says.

Tristan Vargas used the app for four warehousing and labouring jobs between Sydney and Canberra, and hopes to see more of Australia.

“I was originally just looking for casual work then an opportunity came up in Canberra and I was there for a week,” he says. “I just had to work out accommodation and travel.

He hopes to see Melbourne next.

“Being in different places keeps you on your toes,” he says.

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