Candace Veramu, a true Fijian at heart

candisMeet Candace Veramu! She is vying for the crown at this year’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival.

Her theme: “Health and Fitness” and how it benefits us holistically through the 8 dimensions of wellbeing which are: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, occupational, social and financial.

Candace Veramu has always been a Suva girl and loves spending time with her three bothers. Being the only girl has had some advantage, but she’s thankful to her parents for being raised very ladylike.

She’s often asked about her ethnicity. Her dad is from Cakaudrove and mom of Australian descent. But she is a true Fijian at heart.

She is currently pursuing studies in Fashion Design and she wished to use her Graphic Designing skills in the world of fashion.

She is a firm believer in fitness and health and was one of the nominees for the 2014 Junior Sports Women Awards in Taekwondo.

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