Residents dead in London horror tower fire

london fireA NUMBER of people have died in the devastating Grenfell Tower inferno, the London Fire Brigade have confirmed.

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told reporters there had been a number of fatalities. She could not confirm numbers because of the complexity of the building.

Ms Cottton said firefighters arrived within six minutes to battle the blaze, which was the worst she’d ever seen.

A significant number of people are still unaccounted for at the fire which is still being brought under control. Fifty injured people are being treated at five hospitals.

It’s still unclear what the cause of the fire at the 27-storey building in west London.

The Met Police have not put a figure on the number of people missing, but anxious relatives and friends have started to post desperate messages on social media looking for their loved ones.

The BBC is reporting a “significant” number of people were unaccounted for. As many as 600 could have been inside when the fire erupted just before 1am local time.

Harrowing accounts of trapped people screaming for help — and some jumping to the ground in desperation — have begun to emerge.

Residents who escaped the inferno have been taken to evacuated to nearby churches and community centres.

One man, Kamal Hassan, said his friend and his wife was one of those trapped inside with their three chidlen. “The phone is dead,” he told near the scene.

Horrified onlookers said the inferno resembled “hell on earth” at its peaks, with huge flames engulfing the building.

“Haunting screams” could also be heard as hundreds of frantic firefighters battling the blaze.

Khalid Sarang, 23, lives in neighbouring block and said the scene was like “hell on earth”.

“There is a family of four trapped up there now screaming.The first thing I heard were the screams and I came running out.

“It’s like hell on earth.”

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