Families of missing desperate for answers

familiBROTHER and sister Yasin and Nurhada El-Wahabi, who lived at flat 182, have been missing since the fire broke out.

Family of four Farah Hamdan and Omar Belkadi and their daughters Tazmin, 6, and Malek 10, are missing.

Farah’s father Rkia Hamdan said they had been searching hospitals all day but could not find them.

“They’ve got two little girls Tazmin and Malek and we’re just so upset and worried about them,’’ he told The Sun.

“The police aren’t telling us anything and the hotline is just taking information and not giving us anything. It’s terrible. We’ve been left in the dark.

“I’m so angry with the police, they need to give us more information.

“It’s heartbreaking that so many families are going through this, just trying to get answers.

“We just want them home. It’s so upsetting.”

Mum-of-two Rania Ibrham, 30, is missing along with her two children, after recording a horrifying Facebook live video showing the dense smoke and panic on floor 24.

Abdel Salam, 75, is missing after becoming trapped in his 23rd floor flat, calling his sons and saying “I can’t breathe.’’

His friend, Idris Wagdi told The Sun Mr Salam was a community leader who had moved to London from Morocco 40 years ago.

“He will be sorely missed, everyone appreciated him and he did so much for the Muslims in this community,’’ Mr Wagdi said.

“It’s very sad. His sons were the last to hear from him.”

Fathaya Alsanousi, in her 70s, is missing with her son Abu Feras, 38, and daughter Esra Ibrahim, 35, from the 23rd floor.

Italian couple Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gotti, both 27, were also missing from the 23rd floor.

Marco’s father Giannino told British media he had been on the phone to his son before the line went dead, and his son had played down the seriousness of the fire.

“I think he was doing that to keep my wife and Gloria calm. he said everything was going to be okay and the emergency services were on their way.”

“The last time we heard from them was at 4.07 when he said their apartment was full of smoke and things were getting dangerous.’’

Beriktia Habtom, 35, and her son Buroke, 12, are missing.

Steven Power, who lived in the tower with some of his five children, is also missing after saying he was staying behind with his two dogs.

One of his daughters escaped but has not been able to contact him.

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