The Fiji Roads Authority to monitor Contractors performance

roads fijiThe Fiji Roads Authority will hold its contractors accountable if their performance is not up to expectation.

Chief Executive, John Hutchinson says its two maintenance contractors Fulton Hogan Highways and Higgins Fiji employ a range of sub contractors to carry out works on their behalf which is not always to standard.

“We do have certain standards and we sometimes find the contractors not meeting these standards.

The contractors are required to return and rectify the problems at their cost.

Now a lot of people make comments at the contractors, saying they are fixing the same pot hole again and again.

Yes, that does occur but I just want to reassure the public that the contractors is doing it in their time and cost not on with the taxpayer money.”

Hutchinson says FRA is also monitoring various ongoing road projects by the Chinese contractors and the Fletcher Construction.

FRA says it is working to ensure the road network is safe for both pedestrians and motorists.

FRA has approximately 60 contractors and consultants since 2013 of which 73% are locally owned.

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