Ordinary people can shape our future

ordinary-peopleOrdinary Fijians can play an important role in shaping the future of our country by having our voices heard on the harsh realities of climate change in the Pacific.

Oxfam International executive director, Winnie Byanyima says the future can’t only be molded by leaders with economic and political influence.

“Our future is about us as citizens saying that you know this is our world and we’re going to be heard and we’re going to be part of the future.

It’s not a future to be shaped by a few people with economic and political power, it’s about all ordinary men, women and young people especially having a voice to shape the future.”

Pacific Islands Association of NGO’s, Executive Director, Emele Duituturaga says Fiji will be hosting this year’s international civil society week whereby certain international agencies will be able to understand and see first-hand the effects of climate change in the region.

The event will be held from the 4th to the 8th of December with the theme “Our Planet, Our Struggles, and Our Future.

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