Powerball jackpot winner rushed to hospital in shock

lottooA NEW Zealand man who scooped $10.3 million ($AU9 million) in the Powerball jackpot collapsed and was rushed to hospital after seeing all the zeros in his bank account.

Lou Te Keeti’s doctor later diagnosed it “as a case of euphoria”.

“I hadn’t really believed it until it hit my bank account. I was still thinking this might be a hoax, even though I had an email and had spoken to the people at the Lotto, it didn’t seem real.

“But when I opened my computer on Wednesday morning and saw my accounts, most of them were as usual with not much in, then there was this one account with all these zeros.

It dawned and I thought ‘whoa, this is for real.’”

He still went off to do his usual grocery shopping but started to have “flutters” in Pak’nSave.

“I was feeling not myself, quite strange, and they got me in an ambulance and I had all these tests and stayed a night in Tauranga Hospital. I saw all these docs but I didn’t tell any of them that I had just won Lotto.”

His GP told him the turn was “a case of euphoria”.

Now Tauranga’s newest millionaire, who is in his 70s, is planning to use a “fighting fund” to reopen Treaty negotiations for his family’s Treaty claim.

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