Twelve police officers and teacher charged with serious offences

policw12 police officers and a teacher were charged with separate serious offences last month.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions says three police officers were charged with a count each of theft.

They allegedly stole over $13,000 collected from people who were served with committal warrants and fine payments imposed by the courts.

The DPP’s Office says six police officers were charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The six police officers allegedly assaulted people during police drug raids.

One police officer was charged with the careless use of a motor vehicle.

He allegedly caused an accident while responding to a phone call.

One police officer was charged with one count of false pretence and one count of obtaining by deception.

He is alleged to have defrauded a victim of $2,900.

Another police officer was charged with one count of conspiracy to defeat justice where he allegedly induced a witness to give a false statement.

There was one incident where a school teacher was charged with one count of aggravated burglary and theft offences.

He allegedly stole over $5,000 with two other accused persons.

There were 86 people charged with a total of 69 counts of separate incidents in July.

Three cases were withdrawn in court.

The DPP’s Office says two of the three cases were withdrawn after evidence was received of police brutality in obtaining confessions from the accused persons.

There were 13  aggravated robbery cases, 2 attempted aggravated robbery cases, 2 robbery with violence cases, 15 cases of aggravated burglary, 21 theft cases, 6 cases of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, 3 cases of act with intent to cause grievous harm, 1 case of dangerous driving causing grievous harm, 1 case of careless use of motor vehicle, 1 case of possession of marijuana, 1 case of false pretence, 1 case of  obtaining by deception, 1 case of conspiracy to defeat justice and 1 case of resisting arrest.

There were 2 juveniles who were also charged with attempted robbery and aggravated robbery.

There were 53 victims of these serious offences.

Two were victims of domestic disputes.

Cash amounts ranging from $50 to over $15,000 were stolen from individuals, homes and shops during the alleged aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary offences.

Household items, laptops, motor vehicles, jewellery and basic food items were also stolen during these incidents.

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