Trump’s North Korea threats are just empty words

trumpDONALD Trump might talk tough when it comes to North Korea, but the reality is the US President has few options when it comes to stopping the rogue state.

That is the damning assessment by experts and analysts who warn there is actually no viable military option available to the US President.

In fact, they say Mr Trump’s rhetoric is inflaming the crisis even further while stressing a military option will only result in catastrophic global consequences.

Ashley Townshend, Acting Director for Foreign Policy, Defence and Strategy at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, said Mr Trump’s rhetoric was far from helpful.

“This sort of fire and fury comments coming from the commander-in-chief are highly destabilising,” he told

“His bellicose remarks on the North Korean nuclear crisis are likely to make Pyongyang even more nervous, raising the odds of an unintended escalation or misunderstanding.”

Mr Townshend said such exchanges were seriously concerning because a war on the Korean Peninsula should be avoided at all costs.

“Most experts agree there is no reasonable military option,” he said.

“Informed commentators recognise that there is no military solution to this conflict, and talking is the only option to avoid unimaginable horror.

“Difficult though it is to negotiate with North Korea, there is good reason to believe that its leaders are not bent on suicide.”

Terence Roehrig, Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College said while the increasing tension is concerning, he believed it’s just a war of words.

“Military action is a very bad idea, especially any type of preventive strike against North Korea’s nuclear and missile program,” he said. “Seoul remains very vulnerable.”

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