Australian warships heading to Korean peninsula

warshipAt the Republic of Korea’s Navy Second Fleet headquarters, the warships are on constant alert for an attack from the North.

“We are ready to fight and if we fight we will win,” declares Han Woong Song, a young Korean Lieutenant.

Warships from the Second Fleet, based at Pyeontaek on the west coast, have faced several attacks from North Korea over the past two decades, resulting in a loss of life on both sides.

“We have lots of incidents after the Korean War. We have more than five incidents and even now incidents might happen,” Lieutenant Han said.

Here South Korean has for the first time publicly displayed its new Hyunmoo-2C ballistic missile — a weapon boasting a range of 800 kilometres.

“Prime Minister Turnbull recently pledged to invoke the ANZUS treaty if North Korea attacked the United States and Australia may be one of the first to be asked to contribute forces on some level if the current tensions with North Korea significantly worsen.”

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