Flu epidemic: Queensland boy, 10, fighting for life

fluA 10-year-old Queensland boy is fighting for life in a hospital after developing complications from the flu.

It is the latest serious case of the virus which has claimed more than 350 lives this year, and left thousands more hospitalised across the country.

Jaymon Gaul’s mother Tasha Millar said her son had been on life support at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for eight days after he suddenly suffered serious flu symptoms.

Ms Millar, who lives in Chinchilla on Queensland’s Western Downs, said her son was mostly happy and healthy last Saturday with just a minor cough.

By that afternoon he was in a critical condition and flown to the hospital where he is battling influenza, a staph infection, a blood clot on his leg and a collapsed lung.

“[The cough] didn’t even sound bad,” Ms Millar said in a post on a fundraiser page.

“It all happened so fast.

Almost 4,000 people have been admitted to Queensland hospitals with the flu this year.

“Jay was so full of life, always listening to music and mixing his own tunes, writing rap and always dancing around the house.”

In late August, 14-year-old Mackay girl Mercedes King was also hospitalised with complications from influenza, but is beginning to recover after being taken off life support, undergoing surgery and kidney dialysis.

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