Enforcement officers deployed to monitor e-ticketing situation

eticketThe Land Transport Authority’s enforcement officers have been deployed on our roads to monitor and ensure that all bus companies and bus drivers adhere to the e-ticketing system.

Chief Executive, Carmine Piantedosi, says these officers will keep watch and report any situation if buses are found not picking up passengers or not charging the appropriate fares.

Piantedosi says people continue to register their complaints on the e-ticketing initiative through their call center and text messaging platforms.

“People need to understand that operators as well as drivers that the LTA is taking non-compliance very seriously especially now that e-ticketing has been introduced.

We’re also working with Police so we’ve actually deployed a large number of enforcement people out there to ensure that bus operators comply.”

Piantedosi says once they receive reports of bus operators not following the e-ticketing rule than the LTA will have to speak with them to find reasons as to why it’s happening.

Following this a decision will then be made on how these bus operators will be penalized.

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