Moment man ends 12-hour balcony stand-off

chatsAFTER an intense 12-hour stand-off on a 27th storey balcony in Sydney, police are now trying to find out what happened to the woman whose body was found below.

THE man who perched himself on an awning above a 27th-floor balcony was arrested following a 12-hour standoff with police and the discovery of a woman’s body in the alleyway below.

NSW Police said police rescue and bomb disposal unit members arrested the man at 7:20pm on Monday evening — more than 12 hours after he was first seen by passers by.

He has been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital as a precaution, and remains there under police guard while an investigation is under way into the death of the woman found below.

Both the man and the woman are believed to be in their 30s, and police are investigating the likelihood that it’s a domestic-violence related incident.

The unidentified male appeared on a balcony rooftop of the Leura building in Sydney’s northern suburb of Chatswood on Monday morning around 6:30am.

It came after a tradesman on his way to work saw the body of a woman lying in an alley nearby with smears of blood on walls.

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