Supermarkets charged for false prices on items

supermarketTwo prominent supermarket chains have been found guilty for selling some items at a price different to that being displayed on the shelf.

NewWorld Supermarket and Morris Hedstrom western branches have been ordered to pay a fine of twenty thousand dollars each within twenty one days.

Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission, Chief Executive, Joel Abraham says they first received complaints from customers about the two supermarkets early last year.

“We were looking at what was the quantum of breach, what were some of the things that had happened, we looked at previous history of this particular trader and we found that previously there were some breaches as such then the decision was made to file that matter with the court.”

It was established that New World Supermarket in Ba was charging $3.15 for a bottle of Sprint Cola instead of the displayed price of $2.99.

Morris Hedstrom in Lautoka displayed meat masala and GIV Beauty Soap at discounted prices, but charged a higher price at the cash register.

The Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission has warned it will not hesitate to take action in such cases.

“Don’t engage in unscrupulous business practices, identify issues come to us and be proactive, if a mistake has been made we will assist you but if we find there’s a degree of unquestionable conduct then, that is where we’ll put our foot down and say, no enough is enough.”

The maximum penalty for such offences has increased to $50, 000 following Government’s review in the last National Budget.

The fine is to be paid within 21 days. Both supermarkets have 28 days to appeal the case.

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