More than 200 Civil Servants arrested for drink driving

poliseSerious concerns have been raised by the Police Commissioner on the number of civil servants arrested for drink driving.

In just three months, 233 Civil servants were arrested by Police for drunk driving from July to September this year.

Commissioner, Sitiveni Qiliho says he’s disappointed with Civil Servants topping the list of driving under the influence.

“What is the message being sent out when people we rely on or expected to be relied on are now unreliable in this sense.”

The Police Commissioner also states they will continue to highlight these cases as Civil Servants need to be more responsible because they hold public positions.

“We’ve had lawyers, military personnel, police officers, corrections personnel
and teachers; people that we rely on to help us teach our young ones and teaching others on road safety and proper road usage but these are the people we are arresting and it’s on a daily basis as well.”

He adds they will continue to work with LTA to beef up their operations on the roads.