Teachers arrested for drink driving a concern

driveTeachers arrested for drink driving is a serious concern for the Fiji Police Force.

This was highlighted by Police following the recent road patrols resulting in these teachers getting caught.

Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho, says they’re making arrests on a daily basis.

“Teachers, people who we rely on to help us teach our younger ones and teaching others on road safety and proper road usage but these are the people we are arresting.”

Qiliho says they are looking to address.

“It is very disappointing, like I said, these are the people that we are relying on to help us get our roads safer.

Teachers, there’s a good number of teachers that we have taken off the roads that are involved in this, what are they telling our young ones.”

The Police Force states they will continue to clamp down on these drivers.