People advised to take extreme measures when using ATMs

atmmmPeople are advised to take extreme precautionary measures when they are going to ATM machines in the country.

Fijivillage has received confirmation that two Bulgarian nationals who arrived in Fiji last Wednesday, are allegedly engaging in ATM and credit card fraud and skimming operations in the country.

A skimming device was found at an ATM in Suva City a few days ago.

Cardholders are to exercise caution and care when using their cards at ATM and EFTPOS machines, when they access their bank accounts online and when conducting online purchases or payments.

If your card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect unauthorised use, contact your bank immediately.

Please do not send your card number through email, do not give out your card number over the telephone unless you initiated the call and you are absolutely sure of the party speaking to you.

Always review your account statements as soon as you receive them to verify transactions, contact your bank immediately.

If you identify any discrepancies and always log off from any website after a purchase transaction is made with your credit or debit card.

All commercial banks, foreign exchange dealers, and money changers have been alerted about the Bulgarian nationals.

Please contact Police if you have any information.

When contacted by Fijivillage, Police only confirmed that they are looking into the case.

No further comments have been made.