The cost of fuel will drop over Christmas

petrolMOST drivers should avoid filling up until closer to Christmas, with petrol prices steadily dropping across our capital cities.

According to the latest quarterly petrol analysis. prices will ease before Christmas in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Costs may rise again before Christmas in Adelaide, and they’ll remain high in Canberra.

In Perth, prices should be their lowest on Christmas Day itself.

According to the data, Sydney drivers have been paying the least for fuel over the last quarter, with the average price around $132.4 per litre.

The lowest average price in the country — around $130.5 per litre — can be found in the Fairfield-Liverpool region.

Melbournians paid on average $133.9 per litre over the last quarter, while Brisbane residents paid $136.3 per litre, the second highest of the major capital cities behind Canberra, which averaged $137.6 per litre.

Adelaide motorists paid $132.6 per litre over the last quarter, compared to $132.5 per litre in Perth.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said prices would reach their lowest point early in 2018.

“While prices have now started to fall in most capitals — averages as of yesterday were in the low $1.40s — eventually they will fall to around $1.25 for regular unleaded,” he said.

“Hold off if you can, but the cheapest price in Sydney is now $1.25 so there are bargains if you can shop around, and it’s especially easier now in NSW as we have real time data on the NRMA app, which means you can get petrol for almost 20 cents per litre below average.

“That’s a saving of $18-19 for a typical family sedan, which is a fair saving at the bowser and gives you more money to spend on your holidays.

While it is harder to find a bargain in other capitals, drivers should check out their local motoring club website for information on cheaper fuel.”

Mr Khoury said it paid to shop around during the holiday period.

“If you’re leaving to go on holidays and you’re driving out of a capital city the advice is it is probably cheaper to buy petrol at home, as prices are usually a bit higher in regional centres,” he said.

“Hopefully by the time families are coming back from their holidays they will get those cheaper prices, as everything is heading south now.