Shop and Save to proceed with its Nausori project

nausoriShop and Save Limited will make relevant payments to the Nausori Town Council next month to carry out major development work at the old Nausori market site.

Managing Director Babu Ratan Deo has confirmed this adding all issues relating to the major project has been sorted and works should start early next year.

Shop and Save Limited has committed to invest $40 million on the project.

It was earlier confirmed that the company will be required to pay a premium of $2 million to the Nausori Town Council and an annual rental of $100,000 per year which shall be reassessed and increased by 10% at the interval of every five years.

It was also announced earlier that the rental for the first ten years shall be paid in advance.

Shop and Save Limited’s project will see the construction of a complex at the old Nausori market site which will have hotel apartments, a cinema, conference rooms and supermarkets.