Mystery Santa posts cash through doors

jesusFAMILIES have told how a real life Santa Claus posted thousands of dollars through their letterboxes as the clock struck midnight on Christmas Day.

Homeowners say they were left stunned when the anonymous benefactor slipped cash-filled envelopes through dozens of doors in and around Linden Close, Walsall, near Birmingham, England.

One lucky recipient told the Sun Online how she heard her letterbox rattle just before midnight and then found £50 ($AU86) in cash in an envelope sitting on the doormat.

When they went outside to see who the generous gift giver was they bumped into neighbours also clutching cash-stuffed letters.

On the outside of every envelope were the words “Jesus loves you”.

NHS housekeeper Kirsty Tapper, 26, who works at Walsall Manor Hospital, said the “real life Santa” delivered his festive handouts to around 60 homes. Each envelope contained £50 or £100 ($AU173).

She said: “I wasn’t feeling at all festive as I had just finished work and knew I also had to work on Christmas Day — this really changed my mood.

“It’s an amazingly generous thing to do and I am sure this man had helped make Christmas for a lot of people. He’s a real life Santa Claus.

“It really lifts your spirits to think that a total stranger would give away so much money at a time when cash can be so tight.”

One of Kirsty’s neighbours actually saw the anti-Scrooge and thought at first he was delivering leaflets.

Now those living in the area are trying to track him down to say a massive thank you and to ask why he had been so generous in the first place.

Kirsty said: “I would love to tell him what an amazing person he is. It’s nice to know there are people out there who still care for others.

“What happened last night was all about the true meaning of Christmas — which is about putting others first.”

Kirsty and her partner Leanne plan to put the £50 they received in a savings account for their one-year-old son Roman.