FNRL’s delay to sign NSW Cup bid a concern for Uate

fnrlVodafone Fiji Bati player Akuila Uate has raised concerns about the Fiji National Rugby League who are yet to sign the final endorsement for the NSW Cup bid.

Uate says that he cannot understand why the FNRL has not signed the endorsement.

The 30 year old also says that Fiji needs this.

“For Fiji to hold it this long is disappointing as all of us in Australia are supporting Fiji and the local talents.

And I think that FNRL is just worried about their pockets and for me being brought up in Fiji, all I wanted to do was go overseas play footy and support my family.

I’m sure that all these kids in Fiji after the Rugby League World Cup will want to play for Fiji one day but we cannot move on if Fiji doesn’t get on board with the Fiji NSW Cup bid.”

Uate says that he is concerned because local players will benefit from the deal once the Fiji National Rugby League signs the final endorsement.

Meanwhile, the Fiji National Rugby League is yet to comment on the Uate’s concern.