Water Authority to shutdown water in west

water worksAround one hundred and fifty thousand residents living in Nadi and Lautoka will be affected as a result of a major planned shutdown by the Water Authority next month.

The planned water disruption is a result of a defective control valve and problems in the main transmission pipes that caused leakages and need urgent repairs at the Nagado Water Treatment plant in Nadi.

A month has been given to residents in Nadi and parts of Lautoka to store sufficient water during the four-day planned water disruption.

WAF Board Director Kamal Gounder says water tanks will also be provided and will be placed at strategic locations.

Water Authority will be putting in 100 , 5000 litre and 10,000 liter water tanks at about 100 locations in Lautoka and Nadi areas so domestic customers could go to these locations to fill in water.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Saman Ekanayake says water supply in the affected areas is expected to be gradually restored after the repairs.

“Before the repair we will empty all the pipelines from the Vaturu dam upto Nagado and that will take six hours and repair time is 24 hours.

And after the repairs we will be putting the water back to the system and this will take a lot of time because all the reservoirs and all the pipelines becomes empty so we have to fill the pipelines and all the reservoirs again.

This will take about two and a half days to three days but part of the areas will receive water and some will finally receive water on Tuesday .”

The Water Authority will ensure that during the shutdown period next month there will be no interruption in the major services such as hospitals, airport, school and hotels as 100 water trucks will also be deployed to cart water.