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  • ‘Success is an attitude’


    A video of an American high school football player’s post-game speech has gone viral, receiving positive responses on social media.

    The post-game interview with Apollos Hester had been viewed more than 4.9 million times on YouTube on Wednesday night.

    In the interview he encouraged people to “just keep smiling” and said “all it takes to be successful is an attitude”.

    Hester scored in a touchdown before the post-match pep-talk, and his team the East View High School Patriots won their game on Sunday by one point.

    “It’s an awesome feeling when you know you are going to win, when you know you are going to be successful, regardless of the scoreboard, because of the effort that you put in,” he told TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler.

    The video has been liked and shared thousands of times on social media, with many people commenting the young athlete’s words made their day.

    Twitter user donwill wrote: “I need Apollos Hester to call me everyday at 8am for encouragement.”

    “One of the most underrated goals of life is to get hyped and STAY hyped. Apollos Hester stays hyped. He a hero,” wrote user Frank Puddle.

    Hester’s speech has thrown a positive spotlight on American football, following a number of recent controversies involving professional players.


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  • The retirement of Mrs Flexer

    Recently, with the help of the production team behind Kid President, former students of all ages gathered to honour Mrs. Flexer with a surprise party.

    I started to get goosebumbs at the 1:08 mark and by the end of the video all the images were a little blurry because of my tears.

    I only taught for a couple of years so there are not that many kids going around talking about the barefoot, lolly-eating teacher who believed in magic, but there are teachers who influence literally thousands of children through their careers.

    Take the case of US teacher Mrs Flexer who is retiring after 41 years of teaching first-grade. That’s 41 years worth of little kids who she’s influenced and who love her.

    It’s hard to watch without getting at least a little choked up. Imagine leaving such an important and positive legacy on your retirement?


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